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"With a team deeply dedicated to exceeding expectations, we bring years of experience and a commitment to personalized service to every transaction."

Sam Park

An entrepreneur at heart, Sam brings more than a decade of experience in business management and commercial real estate. A graduate of University of Toronto and a background in Canadian Securities and Business Analysis has helped Sam become one of the top producers in commercial real estate in the GTA.  Specialties include: Industrial Warehouse, Multi-Family Buildings, Commercial Leases, Income and Investment Properties and Retail properties.

Natasha Euteneier

Natasha Euteneier is a serial entrepreneur and a dynamic commercial and residential realtor with a rich background in corporate partnerships, sales, and PR/event management. With a keen eye for real estate opportunities and a passion for facilitating successful property transactions. Her extensive experience in corporate partnerships and sales provides a unique perspective on the real estate market, making her a trusted advisor for both residential and commercial clients. Natasha is an avid equestrian and also specializes in Equestrian & Estate properties.

Steven Cheng

Steven is a commercial and luxury residential real estate agent, based in Toronto, offering unique and robust analyses of investment and business opportunities along with sophisticated pricing strategies for resale properties derived from a background in Actuarial Science. He provides clients with the edge to navigate the market and provide desired outcomes regardless of the environment through a vast knowledge base and connections in various industries.

Sergey Beloglazov

Sergey is a seasoned real estate agent dedicated to providing exceptional service with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring all your needs are met. As a certified Project Manager with over a decade of experience in the construction industry, Sergey has the expertise to offer comprehensive guidance throughout every stage of your transaction.

With a diverse international background and fluency in multiple languages, Sergey is uniquely positioned to provide service that is sensitive to the cultural backgrounds of all clients.

Whether you are searching to buy, sell, lease or invest, Sergey leverages advanced market techniques and negotiation strategies to assist you. Real estate is a journey, and Sergey is committed to making your experience enjoyable by prioritizing your needs every step of the way.

Dimitrios Papaioannou

My name is Dimitrios Papaioannou, I was born and raised in the beautiful cliffside neighbourhood of Guildwood. From a young age there were two things that were evident about me; I am a very social person, and I am also a creative. Because of this, I went to film school right out of high school and worked my way up to joining the film union (IATSE). However, while in film, I found myself watching a lot of architectural, home renovation and interior design videos. After speaking with one of my close friends, I quickly enrolled in the Real Estate Education Program offered through Humber College. This is such a rewarding career choice, as I get to take my passion for film making and integrate it with my passion for real estate to help me help others trade. Today I’m part of an amazing commercial real estate team helping business and landowners around the GTA.

Karima Mabtoul

Former Commercial Banker managing a portfolio of >120 Million. Karima leverages her knowledge, keen eye for detail and honesty to guide her clients effectively. Alumni of Ivey Business School, her studies in Advanced Finance offers a unique insight for your investment portfolio. Whether buying a condo investment or a multi-unit building, Karima runs spreadsheets to help you make the right decision. Proficient in assessing financial statements, she assists entrepreneurs in buying and selling businesses. Karima is your committed ally to negotiate on your behalf and provide you with the systems in place to streamline your investment.

Zeyed Razik

Zeyed Razik, an energetic Commercial Real Estate Agent based in Barrie, brings extensive experience to his clients with a Master’s degree and a strong background in project management and technology. Dedicated to closely partnering with entrepreneurs, Razik guides them through expanding their ventures, whether acquiring a second storefront or pursuing new business endeavors. His commitment is to empower commercial real estate investors by optimizing profitability in the sale of investment properties. Alongside his professional pursuits, Razik finds tranquility in macro photography, hiking, gardening, and fishing. Driven by a perpetual thirst for knowledge, he immerses himself in business books and leadership podcasts to stay abreast of industry trends and provide exceptional service to clients.

Adele Idil Baskoylu

Meet Adele Idil Baskoylu, a dynamic real estate professional and business owner with a strong background in International Trade and marketing. Armed with a degree in Business Administration and a post-diploma in marketing business analysis, Adele brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Fluent in multiple languages, Adele offers a multicultural perspective to her clients. Having called Toronto home for the past 21 years, she possesses an in-depth understanding of the local real estate market.

Committed to providing outstanding service to both residential and commercial clients, Adele is your trusted partner in real estate transactions. She excels in identifying lucrative opportunities and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, you can count on Adele to guide you with integrity and insight, making the process smooth and successful.

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